How-To Webinar Series

How-To Webinar Series
Webinar Recordings & Resources

Course Outline

ZyWALL/USG Webinar Series

  1. VPN Concentrator (Recorded Webinar)
  2. VPN Troubleshooting (Recorded Webinar)
  3. NAT and Port Forwarding (Recorded Webinar)
  4. UTM Overview (Recorded Webinar)
  5. WAN Failover and Trunks (Recorded Webinar)
  6. IPv6 Configuration (Recorded Webinar)
  7. Bandwidth Management (Recorded Webinar)
  8. VLAN Scenarios (Recorded Webinar)

WLAN Webinar Series

  1. Managed WAP Setup (Recorded Webinar)
  2. Cell Planning & Best Practices (Recorded Webinar)
  3. Auto Healing (Recorded Webinar)
  4. Rogue AP Detection & Containment (Recorded Webinar)
  5. Mesh Networking

ZyWALL/USG Video Series

  1. License Registration
  2. Concept of Object-based Architecture
  3. NAT & Port Forwarding
  4. Using the Next-Gen USG's Security Policies Feature
  5. Using the Next-Gen USG's WLAN Controller Feature
  6. Trunks & WAN Failover
  7. IDP & Application Intelligence
  8. Using SSL Inspection with Security Policies
  9. Using the USG With an Active Directory Database
  10. Active Directory Single Sign-On
  11. User-Based PSK with IPSec VPN
  12. Creating a Bridged Interface

About the Course

Recordings of past webinars from our How-To series. This is not an official course per se, simply a place where you can access videos and download resources from our past How-To webinars to better educate yourself about common setup questions.

Note: videos have been re-uploaded to improve picture quality, although they will still be of a lower definition.